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  • Festival

    Thailand to host World Ganja Festival 2020

    BANGKOK (NNT) – Following the liberalization of cannabis for medical use, marijuana is being seen as a potential cash crop which can benefit Thailand’s economy. The Association of Researchers of Thailand has now joined members of the public and the private sector to organize the World Ganja Festival 2020.

  • Stats

    Why the Chinese are more important than Western tourists to Thailand

    We need to wake up and smell the roses, us Westerners are no longer an important group for the Thailand tourism industry – in fact, we are what you would call ‘niche’ – and with good reason.

  • cop

    Traffic police cannot confiscate driver’s license under a new traffic law in effect from Sept 20th

    Effective from 20th September, traffic police have no authority to confiscate the driving license of the driver of an automobile or motorcycle when being stopped for a traffic violation under the new Land Traffic Act B.E. 2562. Traffic police still have the authority to issue penalty tickets on the spot to a motorist or a motorcyclist […]

  • smoking

    Tobacco giant lobbies Thai government to reverse vaping laws

    Leading Thai cigarette importer Philip Morris Trading wants the new government and policymakers to start talking with the tobacco industry to find constructive solutions to reducing harm caused by smoking. The tobacco giant is hoping the new government will consider innovative “smoke-free products” (vaping) for smokers, who would otherwise continue smoking. Cut to the chase […]